Art dealer international

In a succession of cheap parodies of art and endless repetitions, a person begins to lose his individuality, which is inherent in every nature — to see pure and unblemished beauty.

It’s not easy today, from a billion terabytes of information garbage, to find gold bars — a real, genuine work of art.

Most recently, people argued about whether a good artist or not? And now they are arguing whether it’s art or not? What confirms, modern art has long reached the bottom.

The world is often not fair to new talents and new works, all new needs support, not everyone, becomes a great artist, but a great one, can come from nowhere.

Our task with you is to support and develop new, authentic and real art.

Dear colleagues from Italy. I present you gold bars, worthy artists of Russia.

Number one Denis Chernov

Голубой орнамент

Девушка и облако

Осенний пейзаж в окресностях Эсхара


Морозный Вечер


Number two Anastasia Sabadach

Портрет пожилой женщины


 Number three Valery Kramarenko

Number four Mikhail Gaplevsky



All the artists behind the back of a huge number of exhibitions and competitions, awards and titles. Experience in art is not less than 25 years. At the moment the prices for their art are more than moderate and affordable. I await your questions and suggestions. My phone number and my address are listed on the site in the same section. Sincerely, Edward.